What is 751 Gore Avenue?

751 Gore Avenue is a place of art. A place of magic. A place where creativity lives without boundaries, without prejudice, without pretention. A place of happenstance. Come. Enjoy. Live. Experience art in its  pure form. If you are interested in anything you see at 751 Gore, just ask and we can tell you anything you want to know. Support art from the heart and take a piece home with you forever.

Words of wisdom surround you at 751 Gore Ave

The Artist 

The starving artist

Once upon a time, Ken Lum (known affectionately by some as “the other Ken Lum”) created a very different type of art – art from his heart and  soul. Art that lives inside him. And so 751 Gore Avenue opened its doors.

Inspired by what we see around us everyday, and by how we feel esthetics, 751 Gore is a place where neighbourhood artists and more importantly – friends and family – gather, look, chat, and buy unique and meaningful works of art.

Come experience the heart of art.

Where art is accessible to everyone


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